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65 thoughts we had while watching Serial Mom

By Stephanie Williams
Serial Mom

Nowadays, I can't think of the pussy willow plant without automatically thinking of the black comedy Serial Mom. My earliest memories are of my middle school classmates getting themselves in trouble for saying it at the best — by which I mean worst — possible times in class. But I didn't truly get it. It felt like everyone knew about this inside joke but me until a friend finally let me in on the secret reference. Thankfully Serial Mom was a basic cable staple, so I watched, and I remember loving it.

The word pussy willow was only the tip of the iceberg in quotables, plus Ricki Lake, who at the time I knew mainly from her talk show. It seems apropos to revisit this movie in what feels like a resurgence in documentaries celebrating ruthless killers — even if it just feels that way thanks to Netflix and Lifetime. I'm happy to report that pussy willow is still funny, and the mom would have definitely been on Dancing With the Stars.

1. Ricki Lake!
2. Matthew Lillard!
3. Kathleen Turner!
4. Sam Waterson! (It felt rude not to yell his name too.)


5. "We all have our bad days." Sounds like 2020.
6. It's the way this fly is all over their food for me.
7. Maybe it's been a while since I smashed a fly, but the amount of blood that burst from this prop fly feels excessive.
8."I'll get you pussy face."


9. Deranged Disney movie mom vibes.


10. I just know with all my heart this mom would be living and breathing the Netflix Tiger King docuseries. Beverly stans Carol Baskin.
11. My first introduction to Justin Whalin was by way of the Susie Q movie, and here he is looking at porn in a convertible.
12. Whatever happens to this guy named Carl Pagent, he deserves it.
13. The prank phone bit is still as funny as the first time I saw it.


14. Parent-teacher conferences. I'm having flashbacks.
15. This teacher sounds like a hater. There is nothing wrong with enjoying horror movies.
16. If someone told me I was doing a horrible job with my child, I'd probably jump across the desk too.
17. And now look at Mr. Stubbins, dead.


18. The audacity to kill someone out in broad daylight, though.
19. Girl, the weed couldn't be that strong where you live. You just witnessed a murder.
20. Scotty and this '50s porn magazine.
21. I've never not been completely grossed when the screen pans from blood to meatloaf type meal.
22. Whose grandma is this running in her orthopedics?
23. Mr. Stubbins is DEAD dead.
24. Their bed is so tiny, and it's stressing me out. How are y'all sharing a full-size comfortably? I'm having a flashback to trying to share an XL twin size bed in college.


25. Oop! Killing has Beverly on mop and bucket.


26. "Oh, honey. You're hot tonight!"
28. The next-door neighbor is doing the most going through her trash bins.
29. A killer who recycles. She sounds ready to run for a political office.
30. Killing for the environment. Captain Planet with a dark twist.
31. Eugene, the husband, is just as scary as the dentist.
32. Oop! Isn't that Beverly's daughter's man?! Why are you deciding to creep at the antique roadshow?


33. It's how easily Beverly keeps murdering with witnesses around.


35. "A Killing at the Antique Roadshow" is a show I'd watch.
36. "I made a killing." LOL, you did, girl. You did.
37. "You got your wish, dear."
38. How did Beverly have this whole serial killer binder in her nightstand and Eugene is just now finding out. This is how I know he doesn't ever clean the house. Someone who cleans the house would have found that.
39. Not Ted Bundy.
40. Oh, video stores, how I miss thee.


41. She is driving the hell out of that wagon.
42. Scotty and this porn.
43. If I were craving chicken, I'm not anymore the way this couple is tearing up this bird.
44. Scotty has to be home alone to be this extra bold to be going to town on himself so wantonly.
45. And she kills again because they were all at the wrong house.


46. Not the whole town being scared of Beverly.
47. "Bingo, boys. Bust that bitch."
48. Why did she sneeze on the baby like that?
49. The rewind fees were real.


50. I'm not sure what kind of sandwich this older woman is eating, but all I see is bread, meat, and what looks like a green jam.
51. Imagine dying by way of getting beaten with a roast you cooked.


52. She is running in them kitten heels.
53. Beverly is more tenacious than the T-1000.
54. Now, why would you hide from a killer during a daylight grunge concert?
55. I mean, if Beverly hadn't set Scotty on fire, he was eventually going to set himself on fire with all vigorous tugging he's been doing.


56. The confidence to plead not guilty.
57. The confidence to represent yourself in court.
58. The Sutphin family are maximizing this entire situation.
59. Marvin A. Pickles is a hell of a name.
60. Beverly is putting this gorilla grip on everyone.


61. Suzanne Somers appearance.


62. A feminist hero charged with six counts of murder.


63. Wearing white after Labor Day is a life or death situation with Beverly around.
64. Not guilty.
65. Beverly might be able to take on John Wick.