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Make it a Sci-Fi Thanksgiving! 7 Great Sci-Fi Shows & Movies to Watch For Turkey Day

Looking for some sweet sc-fi to watch when you tuck into your Thanksgiving pie? Here are some delicious choices on Peacock and SYFY.

By Tara Bennett
Heroes Thanksgiving GETTY

As Thanksgiving creeps up on us once more, it's smart to remember that there's nothing more festive than pumpkin pie and sci-fi. After you and your family have mowed through the annual feast, it's time to respect the implied mandate that all of that turkey-induced tryptophan demands that we just sit down together and watch some weird and wonderful storytelling.

For the weirdos at SYFY WIRE, that means digging into some of the best genre TV shows and fantasy movies that embrace the sentiments of the season. The idea of mixing sci-fi and Thanksgiving together may seem pretty far-fetched, but you'll be surprised by how many sci-fi series dedicated episodes to the Thanksgiving holiday, or at least the theme of excess feasting.

We've curated our favorites which are available to stream now on SYFY and Peacock

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7 best Thanksgiving-centric genre watches for the season

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Daniel Radcliffe Rupert Grint Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Pressing play on any of the Harry Potter movies is a solid win to get into the holiday season as so many of them, especially the earlier films, feature Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) partaking in the fall holiday season. Whether it's a big feast in the Hogwarts dining hall, or the wintery vibes in Hogsmeade, there's a lot of hot Butterbeer feels to gain from the films. When it comes to Thanksgiving in particular, that's not a holiday celebrated in England. However, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry gets to visit the Weasleys in their home for the very first time. As they assemble around the family table for a meal, there's a very Thanksgiving vibe to the sequence as Mr. Weasley curiously grills Harry about muggle artifacts, and Fred and George tease everyone at the table with their comments and pranks. 

ALF, "Turkey in the Straw" (1988)

ALF Turkey in the Straw PRESS

The words "Thanksgiving" and "ALF" together in a sentence seems like the unholy by-product that could only be produced by too much spiked eggnog. But, surprise! ALF has his own two-part Thanksgiving episode fiesta, "Turkey in the Straw Part 1 and Part 2." When you hear the premise, it will all make sense: ALF eats the Thanksgiving turkey raw...and chaos ensues. Actually, nosy neighbor Raquel Ochmonek (Liz Sheridan) invites the Tanners over when they find the stores cleaned out of turkeys. It's there that everyone discovers ALF has been doing some very nice things for a homeless neighbor. Meanwhile, in "Part 2" the Alien Task Force is hot on Alf's heels for his capture.  

Heroes, "Thanksgiving" (2009)

Heroes Thanksgiving GETTY

In Season 4 of Heroes, "Thanksgiving" features what the holiday looks like at the Petrelli's, the Bennet's and under the tent at Samuel's carnival. As per usual for a holiday that mixes all different family members together under one roof when drama is swirling about, there's plenty that goes wrong at each and every table. But the scene where Sylar (Zachary Quinto) tries to slice Angela's (Cristine Rose) head open might be an all-timer of a dinner doozy!

Quantum Leap, "The Leap Home" (1990)

Scott Bakula Headshot

The Season 3 premiere episode of the original run of Quantum Leap, "The Leap Home Part 1" finds Sam (Scott Bakula) leaping into his 16-year-old self right around Thanksgiving. It's a first for the show's mythology — having Sam leap into his own life — and having Bakula play Sam's father, John Samuel Beckett. It's a poignant, heartbreaker of an episode about family that frames the holiday in the most bittersweet ways.

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Sliders, "Season's Greedings" (1996)

Professor Maxamilian Arturo (John Rhys-Davies), Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell), Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks), and Wade Welles (Sabrina Lloyd) stands in Sliders 103.

Ok, technically the Season 3 Sliders episode, "Season's Greedings," is ostensibly a Christmas-themed episode. However, we argue that it's really about the hyper commercialism of Black Friday shopping, so we give it to Thanksgiving. The clever story is about mall workers being turned into indentured servants, while exploring the insanity of of retail overzealousness. And what's better than not having to go to an actual store to experience the topic of holiday shopping?

The Munsters, "Low-Cal Munster" (1964)

The Munsters

Going back to 1964, this classic Season 1 The Munsters episode proves that if even Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) is vulnerable enough to fret over his holiday weight, then we mere mortals should give ourselves a break. In "Low-Cal Munster," Herman goes on a diet to fit into his old Army uniform before their reunion. Of course, it's right near Thanksgiving which means a tempted and starving Herman can be a real monster. 

Farscape, "Eat Me" (2001)


And for those who are really over the warm and heartfelt Thanksgiving stories, may we suggest the Season 3 Farscape episode, "Eat Me"? A truly creepy episode, the Moya crew boards a Leviathan ship that holds the criminally insane. They find out the twins running the ship are cannibals! Now there's a spin on a dark approach to feasting that only John Crichton (Ben Browder) and his mates can do right. 

For more sci-fi series and movies worth bingeing this Thanksgiving long weekend, check out the bountiful options to choose from on Peacock and SYFY