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7 Great Valentine’s Day Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies to Stream Now

Looking for some sci-fi and supernatural romance films this Valentine's Day? Peacock has plenty to choose from!

By Tara Bennett

Unless you're a sci-fi and fantasy geek, many normies tend to forget that some of the greatest romances on celluloid often unfold within sci-fi and fantasy films. Arwen and AragornSarah Connor and Kyle ReeseWALL-E and EVE. And the list goes on and on. 

With Valentine's Day upon us once again, Peacock has an excellent selection of sci-fi and fantasy films that make for great date night watches, or just a worthy excuse to cuddle up on the coach and give your heart over to the season. From a zombie who finds the love of his undead life, to a unicorn who turns human and finds love, check out our best bet choices for a very genre Valentine's Day. 

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Great Valentine’s Day sci-fi and fantasy movies to stream now on Peacock

The Age of Adaline (2105)

Adaline (Blake Lively) stands near a cinema projector in The Age of Adaline (2024).

The blindingly attractive Blake Lively and Michiel Huisman star as Adaline Marie Bowman and Ellis Jones in this tearjerker romance. Adaline plays a young woman who is revived by a lightning strike after a tragic car wreck. But then she never ages beyond her 29 years. Knowing no one would accept or understand her circumstances, she rejects any potential for love... until Ellis enters her life. A rich period piece with some wicked chemistry between the leads, it also features Harrison Ford, which is always a plus.

All You Ever Wished For (2019)

Darren Criss fans, you may have missed this romantic tale about fate and spells. Criss plays Tyler Hutton, a young man kidnapped to get a ransom from his wealthy father. When the kidnappers and their prey get lost in the woods, they come upon a cabin under a gypsy spell that will bring Tyler the woman of his dreams. 

Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Watch the film that created an actual love story for actors Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum! Earth Girls Are Easy is funny, dumb and sexy... and features original songs that will get stuck in your head for decades. The movie was also the launchpad for so many impressive careers.

Highlander (1986)

Wait, we're serious! The story of immortal Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) features not one, but two epic romances for the Scottish Highlander. The two women in his very long life become the reason he exists and fights to keep his head. 

The Last Unicorn (1982)

A scared unicorn appears in a cage in The Last Unicorn (1982)

Based on Peter S. Beagle's book of the same name, The Last Unicorn is a modern classic that features the work of many artists who would go on to work with the great Hayao Miyazaki. Animation cred aside, the film also features the love story of the Lady Amalthea (Mia Farrow) and the earnest, romantic Prince Lir (Jeff Bridges). Bittersweet and memorable, everyone needs a hug by the end. 

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Snow White and The Huntsman (2012)

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) has an intimate moment with a magical creature in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012).

Fairy tale adaptations rarely surprising, but Snow White and the Huntsman actually does it by setting up an unexpected connection between the two titular characters. Snow (Kristen Stewart) and Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) couldn't be more different, but they come together when they need one another most, and learn to look within to find their best selves. 

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Warm Bodies (2013)

Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult wade in water while filming Warm Bodies

There have been plenty of zombie films but the most romantic of them is unquestionably Warm Bodies. Nicholas Hoult is R, the undead body wandering around, and Julie (Teresa Palmer) is the human he meets and comes back to life for in this sweet post-apocalyptic fairy tale. Their chemistry is delightful and the story is a clever twist on the genre itself.

Check out more sci-fi and fantasy movies on Peacock now!