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A fiery surprise death(?!), and we finally meet the new big bad Dante in the latest Arrow 

By Trent Moore
Arrow Oliver and Emiko

After setting up the mysterious new big bad Dante over much of the season, Diggle and Lyla’s mission to catch the well-connected arms dealer went positively sideways this week. Oh, and it turns out this Dante character might be a whole lot closer to the Green Arrow family than we’d originally been led to believe.

Spoilers ahead for “Brothers and Sisters,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Monday, March 4, 2019.

Let’s start with the most surprising reveal — Emiko knows this new big bad Dante, and apparently knows him pretty well. He shows up at the end of the episode in Emiko’s lair and tells her it’s time for her to “come home.” So what’s the connection here? Dante has proven to be a formidable fighter, so is he to thank for Emiko’s combat training in some way? Does she work for Dante? Did she work for Dante? Is she simply playing both sides to try and infiltrate his operation? There are a whole lot of questions, and pretty much no answers at this point.

What we do know is that Dante is apparently very well connected, and was actually being tipped off by a higher-up at Argus about the Suicide Squad’s (sorry, not going to call it the Ghost Initiative) mission to crack his organization. The Pentagon decides to once again ax the Squad, so no word on whether we’ll be seeing those rascally rogues again anytime soon. Diggle also has to fall on his sword to protect Lyla’s position with Argus once the mission goes sideways, a move that certainly looks to clear the way for Diggle to permanently return to Team Arrow.

As for Diaz, he comes dangerously close to escaping while tipping him off about the set-up in the second mission to catch Dante, but thankfully Felicity and Diggle get the drop on him and toss him back in a cell. Then someone fills that cell up with gasoline and sets him on fire. Yeah, that’s right — we end the episode with Diaz up in flames and seemingly burning to his death. Of course, this is a guy who has escaped apparent death more than a few times, but with Dante now in play it’d make sense to finally shuffle Diaz off the board to set up a new antagonist. If that is the case, then who killed him? It was certainly a shocking twist, if admittedly an odd way to end the story of someone who has lingered around for the better part of two seasons.

Getting back to Emiko, she decides to let Oliver help with her mission, and he immediately tries to take it over. Good ol’ control freak Oliver. Which makes some sense considering he’s carrying a badge now and she’s not, but the move still served to drive a bit of a wedge between them. Thankfully, they sort things out by episode’s end, and Oliver realizes he has to let Emiko run her own mission — and come to terms with the fact that he’s not in charge of her vengeance mission.

Assorted musings

Arrow Diggle and Lyla

We found out last week that Felicity is pregnant, and the mysterious young woman Mia in the flash-forwards is her grown-up daughter. Laurel puts the pieces together and realizes Felicity is pregnant, and by episode’s end, Felicity also lets Oliver know he’s going to be a father (umm, again).

Back to the future! Adult William and Mia butt heads for a while over the search for the possibly-alive Future Felicity, but William finally convinces her to work with him rather than in parallel. William also lets slip that he never heard from Oliver and Felicity after he left to live with his grandparents (an event that just happened in the present day). What happens there? Do the grandparents take him into hiding? Block communication from Oliver? It was a quick note, but there’s certainly something more there.

Future William and Mia also find a mini-cassette tape, which could hold some secrets related to Felicity’s disappearance. Encryption through obsolescence is certainly an idea Felicity would enjoy. Even the future version of her, apparently.

Next week: The team is having a bit of trouble integrating into the SCPD. Which makes sense, considering they’re vigilantes.