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'A Quiet Place' spinoff film reveals official title, prequel setting at CinemaCon

The next A Quiet Place film will take us back to Day One.

By Matthew Jackson
A Quiet Place Part II

The next A Quiet Place film is taking us back to the very beginning.

During its CinemaCon presentation on Thursday, Paramount Pictures dropped the title for the next installment in the survival horror franchise that launched back in 2018 during a sizzle reel of upcoming projects, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new film, a spinoff set in the same world as the first film and its 2021 sequel, is officially dubbed A Quiet Place: Day One, setting the stage for a prequel movie that'll likely give us total creature-induced chaos as the world comes to grips with a new threat which hunts by sound. 

The spinoff film was originally announced way back in the fall of 2020, inspired by an original idea from A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II director and co-writer John Krasinski. Back then, Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols was set to helm the project, but earlier this year we learned that Nichols had departed and would be replaced by Pig filmmaker Michael Sarnoski. No cast information has been announced for the film. 

We also still have no real plot details about Day One, but we got a taste of what we might be able to expect from the prequel in the opening minutes of A Quiet Place Part II, which documented the exact moment the Abbott family's idyllic small town was thrown into chaos by the arrival of alien creatures. We saw an object falling from the sky and crashing somewhere nearby, saw some confusion as the townsfolk decided to shut down the local little league game and head home, then watched as the whole town was attacked by the creatures. The Abbott family, of course, managed to survive that initial attack, and while they weren't the only ones, not many people were so lucky. It'll be interesting to see which part of the world the new film chooses to focus on, and which survivors we might meet along the way. 

The new spinoff film is set to arrive sometime in 2023, but it's not the only new Quiet Place story on the horizon. The first video game based on the franchise is expected to arrive later this year, while a third film telling the story of the Abbott family and their fellow survivors is set for release in 2025. So, we'll be plagued by these alien monsters for a few more years, at least.

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