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Next 'A Quiet Place' movie sets 'Pig' director Michael Sarnoski to scare the crap out of you

The director of one of 2021's best films is taking over John Krasinski's horror franchise. 

By Phil Pirrello
A Quiet Place Trailer Still

The next movie in the A Quiet Place franchise has finally scared up a new director.

Pig's Michael Sarnoski is set to helm the hotly-anticipated Paramount movie, reports Deadline. Story details on the film kept as quiet as the characters in the movie are, but we know it's a spinoff set in the world of the sci-fi/horror film series, and not a threequel. The story is based on an idea from John Krasinski, who directed and starred in the first two films. (He also shares a writing credit on A Quiet Place and wrote its sequel).  

It is unlikely that Emily Blunt and Krasinski will reprise their roles for this installment, which Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) was originally set to write and direct before leaving the film to tackle an original sci-fi project for the studio. 

Quiet Place fans should be excited about Sarnoski joining the movie; Pig, which stars Nicolas Cage, enters awards season with significant buzz while being one of the best reviewed films of last year. According to Deadline's sources, Krasinski was one of Pig's biggest fans and he put Sarnoski on the short-list of directors that Paramount should meet with for the project. (Not bad for someone who made their feature directorial debut with Pig.)

Sarnoski's pitch reportedly impressed the studio, as it remained tonally faithful to the world Krasinski's films built while also investing that world with a unique take and vision.
 If you've seen Pig, then you know Sarnoski's attachment to this franchise makes sense and is a very inspired choice. As for the A Quiet Place franchise, the first two films made for some of the buzziest horror releases of the past couple years, with Part II a solid success even with its box office success blunted by the pandemic.

While no release date has been set, audiences can expect to return to the Quiet Place universe (yup, that's now a thing!) in 2023. 

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