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SYFY WIRE Days of Marvel

A very groovy mutation! 12 Days of X-Men Day 5: X-Men: First Class (2011)

Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men First Class

Welcome back to 12 Days of X-Men!

Starting Monday, May 27, we'll be revisiting a different X-Men movie each day leading up to the premiere of Dark Phoenix on Friday, June 7. We'll be discussing each film's plot and best moments as well as its place in the expanding universe of X-Men movies.

Today, we're talking about X-Men: First Class. It's got a brand new cast and a funky '60s vibe. Charles has hair and can walk. The girl from Winter's Bone is Mystique. Kevin Bacon is the bad guy. January Jones rocks the cleavage. And Hugh Jackman manages to steal the entire show with just one line (and one F-bomb).

It's the hippy hippy shake, y'all! Listen below.

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