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ACTION! Go Inside The World of Movie Stunts With Explosive (Literally!) New Docu-Series

Peacock goes behind the scenes on April 26 for an in-depth look at what gives films like The Fall Guy their oomph.

By Benjamin Bullard

Smack! Pow! Crash! Bang! If you’ve ever wondered what goes into all the amped-up action scenes that make stars like Ryan Gosling land Keanu Reeves look so cool at the movies, there’s a primo new Peacock docuseries coming your way on April 26 that rushes headlong into a behind-the-scenes search for answers.

From blockbuster filmmakers David Leitch and Kelly McCormick, and Universal Pictures Content Group (UPCG), ACTION (premiering April 26 on Peacock) is a new series that goes deep behind the scenes with some of Hollywood’s top stunt performers, complete with a peek into the fueled-up magic of Gosling and Emily Blunt in Universal Pictures’ The Fall Guy (in theaters everywhere May 3).

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ACTION — taking you inside the lives of Hollywood's top daredevils

ACTION is a high-octane docu-series that hails from from 87North, the blockbuster production company of Leitch and McCormick, creators who themselves know a thing or two about over-the-top stunt work as the brain trust behind movie scorchers like Bullet TrainFast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Atomic Blonde.

The series puts the 87North daredevils front and center, uncovering the  amazing untold stories of why they’re drawn to the highly energized world of all the fun stuff you see stars like Gosling, Reeves, and David Harbour seemingly pull off with ease in the movies. From action sports to martial arts to motocross and more, these unsung actors thread a delicate needle between their professional passions and the challenges of everyday life — and now they’re taking viewers behind the curtain to reveal the highly skilled and often perilous world of moviemaking stunt work.

In addition to a new front-row seat to an in-depth dive on the making of The Fall Guy (directed by Leitch and produced by Leitch and McCormick), ACTION also features Reeves, who shares with viewers his well-known love for the adrenalized side of moviemaking and his admiration for the real-life action aces who make it all look so effortlessly cool. The Fall Guy itself is a sort of love letter to Hollywood stunt work, highlighting the stunt actors who put it all on the line to create some of the movies' most unforgettable moments. The Fall Guy exclusively hits theaters May 3, 2024.

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Every exhilarating episode of ACTION, says Peacock, “reveals the indomitable spirit and camaraderie that binds together this remarkable group of stunt people. Their shared dreams and love for all things action unite them as they carve their names into the annals of Hollywood history.

“But,” the platform notes, “be prepared for more than just jaw-dropping stunts; delve into their personal lives and witness the sacrifices they make and the challenges they conquer while juggling the most unique day job on the planet.”

Leitch and McCormick are executive producers on ACTION, which streams on Peacock beginning April 26. ACTION also features an even deeper and award-winning creative team, including executive producer Josh Oreck (John WickSherlock Holmes) and directors Bridger Nielson (All Things Must PassThe Prodigy) and Chelsea Allen (Prop CultureFam Jam).

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