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Adventure Time: Distant Lands brings Marceline and Bubblegum's romance to Comic-Con@Home

By Josh Weiss
Adventure Time Distant Lands Obsidian

What time is it?! The second Adventure Time: Distant Lands special coming to HBO Max — "Obsidian" — is set to build out the romance between fan favorites: Marceline the Vampire Queen (Olivia Olson) and Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch). During the show's panel for Comic-Con@Home, HBO Max revealed the official artwork for the upcoming (dare we say it?) adventure.

"I was really, really excited when I read the script," Olson said. "I think the way that they executed this storyline with 'Obsidian' is gonna be really satisfying for the fans to tick off a lot of questions that they've had."

"It takes place near a place that we haven't shown on the shown previously called the Glass Kingdom," executive producer Adam Muto continued. "Obsidian is a type of natural glass and spiritually, it can be protective and absorb negativity, but it also can be weaponized ... it has those elements to it that a lot of the characters within the show are exhibiting in this episode."

Here's the key art (featuring a new character known as Glass Boy, voiced by Michaela Dietz):

Adventure Time Distant Lands

Muto added that the special is "not necessarily a checklist of every event in the PB-Marceline relationship, but just sort of snapshots. We're seeing where some of their older stresses and conflicts have come from. We also wanted to keep it about them now. It's what their relationship would be like a couple years down the road. They have a big romantic moment and then what comes after that?"

Watch the full panel below:

Olson later explained that Marceline's arc in "Obsidian" (it doesn't have a premiere date yet) involves overcoming her own emotional baggage and shortcomings: "Ultimately, she can't move forward with Bubblegum until she tackles her own issues."

At the beginning of the story, we'll get to meet never-before-seen characters "who are sort of analogs for Finn and Jake," Muto said. Glass Boy, for example, has "elements of Finn if they were amped up to a more extreme degree."

The debut special — Adventure Time: Distant Lands: "BMO" — is currently available to stream on HBO Max. When all is said and done, fans will be able to access four follow-up stories to the series finale. The next two installments are entitled "Wizard City" and "Together Again."

"We wanted to focus on either areas that were completely unvisited before or were sort of less explored that we might've been through before, but just really kind of digging in and finding as much potential as we could," Muto teased of specials 3 and 4. "I will say that they're not [about] obscure characters. They are [about] very familiar characters. We also didn't want to go so far afield, that it's not the characters people already identify with Adventure Time."

The panel closed out with Olson performing an original song from "Obsidian" entitled "Monster."

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