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The full trailer for the live-action Aladdin gives us our first look at Will Smith's genie

By Josh Weiss & Christian Long
Aladdin Will Smith as the Genie Disney

Tonight got a bit more magical with the debut of the first full trailer for the live-action remake of Disney's Aladdin from director Guy Ritchie during tonight's Grammy Awards. What it lacked in exposition it made up for by showing off glimpses of the lush, colorful world rendered for the film. We also got our first look at Will Smith as the wish-granting, wise-cracking genie.

Mena Massoud plays the titular street urchin in the fictional Middle Eastern city of  Agrabah. As shown in the trailer, he's sent into the Cave of Wonders by the film's antagonist, Jafar (Marwan Kenzari), where he comes into the possession of a magic lamp, which contains the genie that will grant him three wishes.

Smith, of course, will be filling the very big slippers of the late Robin Williams, who voiced the iconic, pop-culture-spouting character in '92. Smith seems like he's up to the task, and has a distinctive buoyant charm that managed to shine through with his few seconds of screen time. For the record, Smith will be blue most of the time!

Naomi Scott of the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot takes on the role of Princess Jasmine. While she is Aladdin's love interest, she's also got a fully fledged arc of her own. She's sick of being flaunted as an object to be won by some stuck-up prince and wonders if there's more to life than being a pampered princess. Her pet tiger, Rajah, will be brought to life via CGI, as will Aladdin's monkey associate, Abu. Navid Negahban plays Jasmine's father, the Sultan.

Nasim Pedrad and Billy Magnussen will be playing totally new characters not seen in the first film, Dalia and Prince Anders.

Aladdin takes a magic carpet ride into theaters May 24.