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Alex Kurtzman talks canon concerns in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

By Nicholas Slayton
Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)

For Star Trek fans, there's a lot to look forward to on television. After Star Trek: Discovery launched in 2017, the producers have been working on spinoffs and new shows, from a Section 31-focused series to an animated show on Nickelodeon. Much of the focus in the Trek world has been on Star Trek: Picard and Sir Patrick Stewart's return to his iconic role, but Discovery is still on going, and showrunner Alex Kurtzman says the third season will be quite different, thanks to the major twist at the end of Season 2.

In order to defeat their enemies, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the crew of the Discovery leapt forward in time — 1,000 years in the future, beyond what any Star Trek show has shown audiences. Season 3 will dive into what that means, and how the universe has changed, according to Kurtzman, who spoke to Deadline at San Diego Comic-Con.

Kurtzman offered a few teases of what audiences can expect in Discovery, while noting how gratifying it was to see audiences respond positively to the increased elements of canon that the show introduced in Season 2, including storylines for Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Spock (Ethan Peck). But just because Discovery is flying into unknown territory, that doesn't mean canon goes out the window.

"But the fun for us was actually to take the shackles off and free ourselves from established canon by jumping almost a thousand years into the future, and yet what we’re not doing is divorcing ourselves from canon," Kurtzmzan added, while noting the temporal leap at the end of Season 2 allows the writers to "put everything in a blender and shake it up."

Expectedly, Kurtzman was quiet on specific details of what Season 3 will bring, but did say audiences would see a "whole new side" of Burnham's character.

Star Trek: Discovery's third season is expected to arrive on CBS All Access in early 2020.

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