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This Facehugger mask protects you from COVID-19, but increases your risk of chestbursters

By Josh Weiss

Why protect yourself from the coronavirus with a plain old surgical mask when you can strap a life-sized Facehugger to your head and look like John Hurt in Ridley Scott's Alien? For Lady Frankenstein, a German-based artist, that second option was a no-brainer and she set out to create a piece of the Xenomorph life cycle that would actually be helpful to humans for a change.

"After I made myself a mask with octopus tentacles, my husband also wanted a fancy mask," she tells SYFY WIRE. "Since we both think the Alien films are very cool and are big fans of them, I suggested to my husband to make a Facehugger as a mask. He was thrilled with the idea and I started."

You can check out her husband rocking the finished product in the photos below. Honestly, she could've told us she got the thing on a vacation to LV-426 and we'd have believed her. Just look at how screen accurate it is!

Facehugger mask
Facehugger mask

Mrs. Frankenstein explains that the mask, which took around 20 hours to finish, is made of "Super Sculpey, which is a modeling clay that hardens in the oven at 130 degrees Celsius." 

That's 266 degrees Fahrenheit for all you Americans out there.

"Since I am very experienced in modeling, I was able to implement my ideas without any problems," she continues. "It was a lot of fun and I could always try on my husband's face to see if it fits and looks good."

But don't worry, the Frankenstein household won't be swarming with baby Xenomorphs anytime soon. The artist had the good sense to rid herself of the rest of the eggs.

"I ... put them in the garden at the neighbor's," she jokes.

Go behind the making of the Facehugger mask in the gallery below...