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'Smallville' star Allison Mack sentenced to three years for role in NXIVM

Allison Mack Sentenced

Allison Mack, a former high-ranking member of NXIVM and its secret inner sex cult, has been sentenced to three years of prison for her role in the organization's illicit activities.

This post originally appeared on It was written by Gina Tron.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York announced the sentence on Wednesday, which includes a $20,000 fine.

The former Smallville star initially faced up to 40 years behind bars when she pleaded guilty in 2019 to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering charges. 

Mack was one of NXIVM founder and leader Keith Raniere’s top lieutenants. She played a pivotal role in the formation of the now notorious secretive sex cult within NXIVM known as DOS. Women in the clandestine group, under the belief that membership would lead to self-empowerment, served as "slaves" to their "masters" and were forced to turn over collateral — typically nude photographs or other damaging personal information — in order to ensure loyalty and silence. Some of the women were branded with Raniere's initials; some were coerced into sex with him.

Days before her sentencing, Mack publicly apologized to her victims.

“It is now of paramount importance to me to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry,” Mack wrote in her statement, previously obtained by “I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Rainire (sic) with everything I had. I believed, whole-heartedly, that his mentorship was leading me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. I devoted my loyalty, my resources, and, ultimately, my life to him. This was the biggest mistake and greatest regret of my life.”

The apology letter was included as part of a series of letters written to federal judge Nicholas G. Garaufis. Mack’s family, friends and other acquaintances also wrote letters speaking to her character. 

Mack’s defense was attempting to get her zero time behind bars. In their sentencing memo, they argued that she "has turned her life around and earnestly dedicated herself to rehabilitation, renunciation of Keith Raniere and those who supported him, and making amends.”

They pointed to her "repeated, lengthy" sessions with prosecutors and information she provided them, claiming she helped them build a solid case against Raniere. Raniere was sentenced to 120 years for sex trafficking and a host of other criminal charges stemming from his involvement in the group in 2020.

Prosecutors say Mack "provided substantial assistance to the government in the prosecution of certain of her co-defendants" in a sentencing memo filed last week.

Nancy Salzman, a co-founder of the group, pleaded guilty in 2019 to a racketeering charge for stealing identities of the group's critics and hacking into their email accounts from 2003 to 2008. She also admitted to attempting to alter footage and records due to a lawsuit against the organization.

Her daughter Lauren Salzman has also pleaded guilty to racketeering charges and has admitted to keeping a "slave" locked in a room for two years, whom she would threaten with deportation. They are both awaiting sentencing.

Former NXIVM member Jessica Joan testified anonymously during Raniere's trial, but ahead of Mack’s sentencing she decided to come forward publicly and reportedly testified in court on Wednesday against Mack, CNN reports.

"There needs to be responsibility and consequences for her actions," Joan told CNN. "I think we all are victims of Keith one way or another. However, she [Mack] totally had her own choices to make. And I know for a fact that she got pleasure in the harm that she was creating. There were a lot of things Keith told her to do but there were a lot of things she did of her own will and desire."

Mack was arrested in 2018 in Brooklyn and she was initially charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy. She was released shortly after on a $5 million bond, and has been living on her parents’ property in California while awaiting sentencing.

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