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SYFY WIRE Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon needs to resleeve as Netflix pulls the plug after two high-concept seasons

By Jacob Oller
Anthony Mackie in Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon will need to make sure its cortical stack is up to date and find a new sleeve, because the sci-fi show has been canceled by Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service decided not to renew the body-hopping series based on Richard K. Morgan's novel for a third season earlier this spring. The choice not to move forward with the show was made relatively shortly after the second season's February 27 premiere, which saw Anthony Mackie take over the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs. It's only now that official word is getting out.

Altered Carbon is a mystery-fronted drama set in a far-future world where consciousness-storage devices allow rich folks to effectively live forever as long as there are young and healthy bodies to pop into. The franchise seemed to be something Netflix was investing in as a whole, considering the release of the animated spin-off film Resleeved on March 19, but with the coronavirus came cutbacks.

However, THR's sources says that the decision was made based on "viewership vs. cost analysis" rather than the COVID-19 concerns that claimed recent genre TV cancellations of shows like The Society and I Am Not Okay With This.

As the streamer buckles down, other shows with higher production costs and lackluster viewership may also feel pressure from the top.