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SDCC: Forget Area 51, American Dad! is releasing a mobile game where you clone Roger

By Josh Weiss
American Dad

If you don't feel like risking your life in the storming of Area 51 this September, you can just download American Dad!: Apocalypse Soon. The upcoming mobile game (out in October) was announced at the show's SDCC 2019 panel and finds Stan Smith finding out that his family has been kidnapped by evil aliens known as "Collectors." To get them back, Stan utilizes top-of-the-line CIA tech to clone Roger (the boozy alien who lives in the family's attic) to fight the malevolent invaders. 

Aside from cloning an unstoppable Roger army, players will also be tasked with fortifying the Smith home and building a secret underground bunker below its foundations. Coming to Android and iOS, the title is currently available for pre-registration in the Apple Store and Google Play. Should you register now, you'll get an exclusive Stan skin as well as in-game currency.

“It’s like these bad aliens and take over … You have to create clones of Roger to battle them … It’s kind of like a Sims and battle game,” said series co-creator/executive producer Matt Weitzman.

American Dad! SDCC 2019

As a special treat for the fans, members of the principal voice cast—Scott Grimes (Steve), Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus), Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley), and Kevin Michael Richardson (Principal Lewis)—acted out the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from Star Wars: A New Hope as their American Dad! characters with comedic asides and cursing. After that, Grimes and MacFarlane moved onto the iconic Katz's Deli "orgasm" scene from When Harry Met Sally. To quote Rob Reiner's mother, "We'll have what she's having."

Recently renewed for a 17th season, Season 16 of American Dad! is currently airing on TBS. Episode 15—titled "Demolition Daddy"—premieres this coming Monday, July 22 at 10pm EST. Season 16 runs until Sep. 9 before the show picks up again in the winter. In terms of guest stars for next season, Weitzman, revealed that The Weeknd will be playing himself in an episode, singing an original song just for the show.

"I think you guys are gonna love it," said Weitzman.

The show's other creator, Seth MacFarlane showed up at the very end of the panel, driving the crowd absolutely wild. MacFarlane (also the voice of Stan and Roger) introduced a sizzle reel of hilarious snippets from the new season, which included Roger practicing alien telepathy via the super gross method of sticking his fingers into human eye sockets. There was also a clip of him coughing up copies of himself (a la Gremlins) that then grow to humongous size.

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