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American Gods star teases arrival of 'fun, meddlesome' Sam Black Crow in Season 2

By Brian Silliman
Devery Jacobs American Gods Sam Black Crow

Devery Jacobs is joining the acclaimed adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods for Season 2, and she'll be playing Sam Black Crow. The half-Cherokee hitchhiking college student is set to cross paths with Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) at some point soon (possibly as early as the first episode), and in a new interview, Jacobs shines some light on how she approached playing the fan-favorite character.

Speaking with Regard Magazine, Jacobs reveals that she was already a fan of the book before being cast. She also felt "deeply connected" to Sam Black Crow, and when she heard the book was being adapted, she kept it on her casting radar. She ended up being a fan of the show, saying, "I love how the series doesn’t shy away from political characters and topics and reflects the varying cultures and beliefs that are held in this melting pot called America."

For her, the world of the show (and book) where "gods are just normal people," and humans and gods both need each other equally, was "both hilarious and really moving." She describes Sam as a "fun, meddlesome character" and says that her beliefs are complex. "While she's sarcastic and opinionated, she's also deeply curious about life," she says, adding that this curiosity extends to Shadow, who she will meet this season.

Jacobs, who is of Kahnawake Mohawk descent herself, goes on to say that playing Sam made her combine her "utmost wonder and belief with absolute agnosticism" and to "balance those two aspects of her from moment to moment."

"I also love that our country’s first people are being represented in a show that is ultimately about immigrants who have come to America," she said.

American Gods will return to Starz on March 10. Believe.