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New American Gods Season 2 featurette sets the tone: 'Evolve or die'

By Bill Watters
American Gods Season 2: Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones)

Season 2 of Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed book American Gods hits in a few more weeks, and with a new featurette, we're finally getting a look at some of the new faces, and a feel for the vibe of what lies ahead.

Via the series' official Twitter account, the new video includes interview snippets from various members of the cast as well as Gaiman himself, who points out, "This season it's old versus new."

Emily Browning, who plays Laura Moon (aka Shadow Moon's dead wife, with her perpetually orbiting flies) says, "It's a war for worshippers, really."

The stage was set over the course of Season 1 that the new world (America), with its devotion to new gods (like media and technology), has been siphoning off what few old adherents had been left for the old gods (like Odin, Easter, and Czernobog). The new gods had struck hard in the closing episodes of last season, and now we find the old gods coming together at the House on the Rock to make their plans.

Gaiman describes the House as "the most glorious piece of Americana in America," filled with fortune-teller vending machines, the world's largest merry-go-round, and kitsch that screams the spirit of what the new world had grown into. 

You can watch the full featurette below:

It also features a few glimpses of the new look for the god of media, Austin & Ally actress Kahyun Kim, who picks up the role from Gillian Anderson. That's one convenient aspect of characters who happen to be deities: Since they're all-powerful and can conceivably morph incarnations, producers need not worry about switching actors.

Gillian's departure wasn't the only key change in the lineup from last season: The show has seen a revolving door of showrunners, moving from Brian Fuller and Michael Green to Lost alum Jesse Alexander, only to have Alexander shown the door in late September in the midst of Season 2's production.

Now, finally, it's almost here: American Gods Season 2 will premiere on Starz on March 10.