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Angel celebrating 20th anniversary with NYCC panel

By Jacob Oller
Angel cast and Joss Whedon

While a revival may or may not be happening, there is certainly a reunion in the works for the cast of Angel. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off turns 20 this year, which means we’re all super old, and (more importantly) it’s time for some tell-all anniversary gatherings.

The cast gathered for an Entertainment Weekly cover shoot recently, and as NYCC confirms, they'll get together again later this year for a con panel (which will be live-streamed on SYFY WIRE, New York Comic Con's official live-streaming partner)!

Actors Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, J. August Richards, Alexis Denisof, and Amy Acker will all be in attendance at the con, but based on the tweet above, it doesn’t sound like David Boreanaz will be participating (SYFY Wire has reached out to his reps for confirmation). Granted, he is part of the EW reunion, and was the one touting the 20th-anniversary buzz earlier this year, so perhaps things will change later down the road.

The five-season, L.A.-set vampire detective show (how else could you describe the unique series?) had some clear favorite moments for the cast, as all mentioned to EW the extra-dimensional Pylea as a glorious respite from their dark-and-gloomy shoot schedule. Less fun were the practical makeup effects getting the cast to more demonic states of mind, like when Boreanaz had to don a fake brow to become Angelus.

And, while the series ended on an open note, its co-creator Joss Whedon said that fans shouldn’t take its lack of closure to mean it needs to come back. “That ain’t a cliff,” he said. “I understand why people would want closure, but for me, that would be like adding a cliff note to the end. What I always wanted to say is, trying to become worthy of the life that you have is a life’s work. The fight is for always.”

Even if the supernatural squad won’t return, fans may still be able to relive the show as they gather together to relive their five seasons of brooding.

So mark your calendars, because New York Comic Con begins Oct. 3 and runs through Oct. 6, live-streamed right here on SYFY WIRE.

(via The Wrap)