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Anthrax's Scott Ian talks Battlestar Galactica with Aaron Douglas on SYFY WIRE's Metal Crush Mondays

By Jacob Oller
Scott Ian from Anthrax

Following last week's reveal that Butcher Babies has written a song all about DC's intergalactic bad boy Lobo, SYFY WIRE's "Metal Crush Mondays" is back with some new hardcore guests and geeky topics. This time around, the genre of choice is sci-fi and the property is one near and dear to fans' hearts (even if they happen to be Cylons): Battlestar Galactica.

During a conversation with SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore, BSG superfan and Anthrax founder Scott Ian got Zoom-bombed by the show's own Aaron Douglas. The Chief himself stopped by, back from self-imposed exile on that island, to talk all things BSG while the metalhead freaked out accordingly. Other topics of discussion include Universal Monsters, Marvel Comics, and Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

The interview below accompanies a screening of Underworld: Blood Wars that airs on SYFY tonight as part of this week's "Metal Crush Mondays."

Take a look:

"He was the big metalhead," Ian said of Douglas right before the latter Final Five member dropped in. "He comes running in like 'Don't listen to any of these other people — I'm the only real metalhead here.'" Douglas explained that there were so many different celebrity fans from the show stopping by that at the time, he was ready to "get his makeup off and go home." Until Anthrax showed up, that is.

"I was getting on a plane that night and I'd just wrapped a scene. I was getting back to my trailer and one of the transpo guys says, 'Hey, did you see the band?'" the actor remembered. "I thought, 'Oh, not another band' and kept on walking. Then this little voice in my head said, 'No, no, no -- find out what band it is.'" When he found out it was Anthrax, he ran back to the stage. "I realize that they're in this one room and in order to get there, I'd have to run all the way around," Douglas said. "But all of our sets had panels that pulled off so you could stick a camera through the wall. So I rip off this panel and poke my head through." Now THAT's a meet-cute a metal fan can appreciate.

"Metal Crush Mondays" airs on SYFY every Monday in August. Douglas can next be seen on Amazon's The Power, which looks to pick up production later this month. Fans can find more interviews on SYFY WIRE's YouTube page and extended "Metal Crush Mondays" conversations on the Metal Crush podcast.

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