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Marvel’s ‘Armor Wars’ to move from series to feature film; Don Cheadle still starring

Marvel reportedly made the move to better serve the story. 

By Vanessa Armstrong

Armor Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series set to stream on Disney+, has transformed into a feature film instead. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that Marvel made the move because they think the feature format would better serve the story they want to tell.

Don Cheadle will still star in the Armor Wars project, and Yassir Lester — who was head writer on the series — is still on board to pen the feature script. The shift to feature means that Armor Wars’ place on the MCU slate will likely change, though we don't know exactly where it will now come out in the MCU's slew of movies and series. 

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This news comes just weeks after Cheadle took the stage at D23 with Kevin Feige to promote Armor Wars, which was then described as a six-episode series. During the Marvel panel at the expo, it was teased that the events from the series Secret Invasion will have direct repercussions for what happens in Armor Wars.

Based on the Secret Invasion teaser we got at D23, it looks like that series will have Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), along with help from James Rhodes, aka War Machine (Cheadle), combating a swarm of skrulls coming to Earth for supposedly nefarious purposes. 

This tease, as well as the news that Armor Wars is supposed to be based on a comic run where Tony Stark’s suit gets into the wrong hands, are the only things we know about the project's plot to date. We might have to wait some time to find out what the actual story will be, for​​ while the series version of Armor Wars was supposed to start production in 2023, the project's shift to feature format could push out that date, meaning we might not see the movie version for a couple more years. 

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