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Arrow team reacts to news of series ending next season

By Christian Long
Arrow The CW

With news spreading rapidly that Arrow will be coming to an end after next season, the show's stars took to social media to share their gratitude. While many thanked The CW, as well as the show's producers, most of the love was aimed straight at the longtime fans who've supported the show, which served as the launchpad for the entirety of the Arrowverse.

Star Stephen Amell started it off with a 10-minute video on Facebook captioned "All good things..." where he tearfully shared the news directly with fans.

All good things...

Posted by Stephen Amell on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"It's been nearly seven years since we shot the pilot of Arrow," Amell began, already getting emotional. "After a 10-episode run in Season 8, Arrow will be concluding."

He mentioned the crew, which he called "the most important part" of the DC series that's been on the air since 2012. He also revealed that he brought up the show's end to producer Greg Berlanti, citing it was the best decision for him personally and professionally.

Amell also spoke about the legacy of the character Green Arrow, and how it expands well beyond his own portrayal over the past seven seasons. He ended it with the promising sentiment that "even when I'm done with it, I won't be gone."

Of course, his co-stars also chimed in to reflect on the show's end as well, starting with John Diggle himself, David Ramsey.

The preliminary goodbyes weren't limited to Twitter, as some stars went to Instagram to share their sentiments.

As Amell mentioned in the video, it's not technically the end of Arrow, but it is the beginning of the end. And co-star Rick Gonzalez seemed focused on the task at hand: making those last 10 episodes memorable.

The seventh season of Arrow is airing every Monday night through this summer, with Ernie Hudson boarding the finale. The eighth season is expected to bring the series to a close sometime next year.