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Arrow series finale title ‘Fadeout’ revealed, final script page teased

By Trent Moore
Arrow Oliver Monitor

Work is officially underway on the final episode of The CW’s Arrow, and producer Marc Guggenheim is dropping a few hints as to what fans can expect from the end of the network’s OG superhero series.

Guggenheim revealed that the title for the series finale is “Fadeout,” then later dropped a bit more context about the title, posting a pic of the anatomy of a bow (highlighting the element dubbed the “fadeout”). So it seems to be a fun play on words (since, you know, the series is also fading out at this point), and we’d expect nothing less from DC’s hooded archer hero.

The producer also teased the final line on the last page of the finale script, though most of it was understandably blacked out. The line reads “Of possibility …” then a FADE TO BLACK. Obviously, it’s hard to tell whether this is a description from within the script, or an actual line or dialogue. Or, if it is a line of dialogue, who actually says it.


The final season of Arrow, airing now on The CW, finds Oliver and a few of his pals running prep missions for the Monitor to prepare for the pending Crisis on Infinite Earths. Flash-forwards to the future have also revealed that Oliver goes missing after the event, presumed dead, so however this season wraps up — it looks to be a final end.


Though, this being the Arrowverse, we can certainly expect about 15 twists and turns before we actually figure out the context of that “possibility” line. Maybe Oliver is left on the outs of the multiverse, unable to return home? Or he’s trapped in the Speed Force to resolve the Crisis? Or maybe he really is dead?

Give us your best Arrow theories below and let us know how you think it’ll all end.