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Artists Alley: Jimmy Palmiotti sketches Daredevil


Jimmy Palmiotti doesn't really think he's an artist. You're about to see him disprove that.

Never mind what Palmiotti, co-founder of Marvel Knights, told SYFY WIRE about rarely drawing anything. The man draws. He's an award-winning artist and writer — as in, he inked the "Guardian Devil" run of Daredevil, which was written by Kevin Smith and penciled by Joe Quesada. He may call himself a writer, but when he does give us a visual, it's pretty sick.

Palmiotti is used to doing go-to sketches like this at conventions, which is why this might be, according to him, one of the fastest sketches you've ever seen. He admits he feels that Joe Quesada's rendition is "a thousand times better than this," but clearly, the artist you're watching has horns of his own.

Oh, and the reasoning behind why he always has to give Daredevil some texture on the lips? He's always outside and has no Chapstick. That totally makes sense.

The artist-slash-writer was inspired by Frank Miller's Daredevil, which he was reading before he joined forces with Joe Quesada for their own version, and also Frank and Gene Cohen's iteration, which is the Daredevil he recognizes from when he was growing up.

Wait, Jimmy. You forgot something. "He's a horny character," Palmiotti said when he realized what was missing from that legendary profile. "He has to have two horns on his head."

He also uses a fabric marker to fill in Daredevil's hood. Being versatile enough to use something you'd normally reserve for laundry is a testament to how versatile he is. Also, the Bob Ross reference to a happy cloud in the background is magical.

He also keeps pens in his shoes. How is he not an artist again? While Palmiotti refers to his creation as "somewhat-Daredevil," any Marvel fan would want that framed on their wall.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.