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SYFY WIRE Astrid & Lilly Save the World

Get ready for SYFY's 'Astrid & Lilly Save the World' with this mysterious sneak preview

The new SYFY original series premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 10/9c.

By John Albinson

Sometimes you eat lunch in your high school cafeteria, and other times you eat it in a bathroom stall while overhearing about how one of your classmates mysteriously "evaporated" in the middle of the woods. Just a normal day in the life of Astrid & Lilly (Jana Morrison and Samantha Aucoin, respectively), two high school students who accidentally open up a portal into a monster-filled dimension and have to save the planet from total destruction in the new SYFY original series Astrid & Lilly Save the World. No biggie.

How to Watch

Catch up on Astrid & Lilly Save the World on the SYFY app.

This exclusive sneak preview video begs many questions: Is Astrid and Lilly's classmate in that portal? Will they rescue him, or is he doomed? Will they be able to save the world, or is all of humanity as good as dead? And what do these monsters have against Earth, anyway?

If you're craving any of those answers, be sure to tune in to the premiere of Astrid & Lilly Save the World on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 10/9c, right after the Season 2 premiere of Resident Alien. The fate of the world rests in Astrid and Lilly’s hands, so as a concerned citizen of Earth, watching is the responsible thing to do.