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'Batgirl' insiders reportedly invited to ‘funeral' screenings on the Warner Bros. lot this week

The private screenings are for cast, crew, and executives to bid farewell to the film before it's locked away.

By Vanessa Armstrong

It’s been a few weeks since we found out that Warner Bros. Discovery was shelving the $90 million Batgirl movie when it was in the middle of post-production. The directors were understandably devastated by the news and even more devastated when they realized they were blocked out of Warner Bros. Discovery’s servers and couldn’t save or access any of their footage. 

And while the public may still never see the almost-finished movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there are apparently some secret screenings of the film happening this week on the Warner Bros. lot for the cast, crew, and executives involved in the production.

The film was close to being finished when Warner Bros. Discovery axed it, although it still has temporary visual effects and music.

Before these viewings, the studio conducted only one test screening, meaning that those audience members will be the only members of the general public who will see the film.

Once the screenings this week are over, the footage will likely be buried away in some undisclosed location, with the studio reportedly having a very strong incentive never to release it in any form as doing so may threaten the tax write-down they got from shelving the film. That means it’s very likely we won’t get to see Michael Keaton wearing the Bat-suit next to Leslie Grace’s Batgirl in this film, as the possibility of something like a director’s cut à la The Snyder Cut is close to impossible. 

News of the screening also comes fresh off the announcement that the Shazam! and Aquaman sequels' premiere dates have been pushed out, reportedly because the studio wants to lower its marketing and distribution costs for the calendar year. 

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