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Batwoman showrunner teases S1: 'We’re keeping Batman and Bruce a character within the show'

By James Comtois
Batwoman Episode 1 the CW

Although fans won't be seeing Batman in Batwoman, The CW's latest latest entry into The CW’s Arrowverse, showrunner Caroline Dries has said the iconic character will loom large over the series. At first, anyways. In an interview conducted by Collider, Dries discusses how much Bruce Wayne influenced Batwoman, aka Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) in their show. 

“We’re keeping Batman and Bruce a character within the show, even though we never see him,” Dries explained. “He’s an instrumental part of her as Bruce, and as Batman, he was there on the worst day of her life. She’s a combination of haunted by him, and also using him as a touchstone for inspiration.”

Dries added: “We don’t necessarily wanna walk away from him because he is the show, but at the same time, Batwoman is the next chapter of that. She has her own completely unique relationships, outside of him, and her own family drama, outside of him, and her own villains, outside of him. Slowly but surely, it’ll be less about Batman, but we’re not like necessarily shying away from it either, at the beginning.”

In continuing the theme of characters taking on the mantle of their mentors/now-absent family members, Dries also notes that the character of Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is "refusing the call to be his father" Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises' tech guru and Batman's gadget guy. Luke's dad Lucius "had a huge impact on the city, and Luke doesn’t see himself that way," the showrunner explained. "Deeper into the season, we’ll find out more about his relationship with his dad and how his dad tragically died. There’s a resistance there to become his dad, but Kate’s just throwing him into the deep end and it’s sink or swim."

Batwoman debuted to solid ratings on Sunday night, garnering 1.8 million viewers for its premiere episode. The character of Batwoman was introduced in the Elseworlds crossover event that aired December 2018, beginning with The Flash, continuing on Arrow, then concluding on Supergirl. 

Batwoman airs Sunday nights on The CW.

(Via Collider