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Amazing Stories EPs talk S2; 'early stages' of Gaston & LeFou Beauty and the Beast prequel

By Tara Bennett
Beauty and the Beast LeFou Gaston

The revival of Amazing Stories completed its five-episode run on April 3, but there’s still no word from Apple TV+ on whether a second season is in the works. As part of a bigger SYFY WIRE story coming next week about Amazing Stories, we asked executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (Once Upon a Time) to give us an update, and we got lots of intel on it — not to mention some other television goodies they've been working on lately, including a proposed live-action prequel to Beauty and the Beast that'll focus on bumbling duo Gaston and LeFou.

First up: Amazing Stories. The duo confirm there’s been no official announcement on Amazing Stories Season 2 — and if and when that decision is made, Kitsis jokes that they’re usually the last to know. “We're writing something else. And so we're busy on that, and they know how to find us," he says. "And we don't know how this works, because this is our first foray, truly, into streaming. We're used to Once Upon a Time or Lost on ABC, where you understood, 'Here's your rating, here's your pickup, here's your [non] pickup.' We just finished [Season 1], and hopefully they’ll let us do more.”

“I mean, we might just have to just take our iPhone, push a button, and ask Siri,” Horowitz jokes. 

Muppets ABC show

What they are working on is the potential live-action Beauty and the Beast prequel for Disney+. Right now, it's being developed as a limited series based on the early days of Gaston and LeFou. The project is obviously an offshoot of Disney’s successful 2017 film that cast Luke Evans and Josh Gad as the narcissist and his enabler, respectively. But the creative team of Gad, Kitsis, and Horowitz actually came out of the trio developing the now-defunct Disney+ series Muppets Live Another Day.

“Adam and I just fell in love with Josh Gad, and we called him the third Kitsis/Horowitz,” Kitsis says of their new writing partner.

Expanding on what their Muppet project was going to be about, Kitsis explains, “The idea was to do an eight-episode Muppets [set] in the '80s within a missing time period. We were going to do it in a true Muppet fashion, to s*** on nostalgia, because everything’s nostalgia. So who better than to s*** on it and then make nostalgia than the Muppets? Our idea was a serialized The Muppets meets Stranger Things, which is a little maybe outside the box right now,” he says with a laugh. “So maybe it'll come in a few years.”

In the meantime, the trio are writing the Gaston and LeFou concept in their quarantine time.

“The three of us are writing the pilot,” Kitsis confirms. “We all had so much fun writing together that we went right into this. It's early stages, but we think it'll be a fun idea.”

Amazing Stories Season 1 is available now on Apple TV+. Check out our deep discussion about the season with the showrunners

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