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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Before 'Resident Alien' returns, watch this handy recap of the story so far

Resident Alien's wild story continues this August.

By Matthew Jackson
Resident Alien 206 ADDENDUM

Over the past year-and-a-half, Resident Alien has become a fan-favorite sci-fi comedy on the strength of the chemistry of its cast and the unpredictability of its ever-shifting narrative. It's a show full of twists and unexpected complications, so many, in fact, that even if you're a fan of the show you might have trouble keeping up. So, with just weeks to go until the back half of Season 2 premieres, SYFY has decided to lend a helping hand. 

How to Watch

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We all know the basic setup of Resident Alien, right? Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) isn't really who he says he is, but actually an alien who crash-landed on Earth, killed the real Harry, and assumed his identity as a country doctor in a small Colorado town. That fish-out-of-water premise has since grown to include Harry's plot to scout out Earth for conquest, his eventual decision to spare humanity thanks to his friendship with his assistant Asta (Sara Tomko), and the hijinks that ensue when Asta and a few other select friends find out his secret. 

But of course, as this recap of the story so far reveals, it's all quite a bit more complicated than that at this point. Season 2 has given us everything from the reveal of another alien race with its sights set on conquering Earth to an alien baby with a big appetite to, of course, much more pizza to feed Harry's need for delicious, cheesy human food. 

Check out the recap video below:

Resident Alien Season 1 & 2A Recap in 2 Minutes

Season 2 has already introduced plenty of new chaos to Harry's story, and left things off with a dramatic cliffhanger during the midseason finale back in March, which put Harry's life and the life of that new alien baby in serious jeopardy. Harry will likely endure, because it's his show after all, but there are still plenty of other unanswered questions lurking in the back half of the season, including what happens when more people learn his secret. 

"That is a very good story turn, but it's a very big story turn," showrunner Chris Sheridan said during the Resident Alien After-Show earlier this year. "Adding someone to this group of who knows in a good way can spin the story into a new world. You don't want to do it too quickly, you want to mine as much as you can from the group that you have that know. And only when you feel like you need new energy, in my opinion, would you add something else to knowing that. I promise you that will happen in this series, but I won't tell you when."

More secrets, and more laughs, will be revealed when Resident Alien returns to SYFY August 10.