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SYFY WIRE Jabba the Pod

Behold, the greatest moment in Star Wars history [Jabba the Pod 3.8]

By Brian Silliman & Caitlin Busch
Star Wars Rebels - AP-5

You read the headline correctly. In the back half of Star Wars Rebels Season 3, the droid who sounds like Alan Rickman is left adrift in space. AP-5 is fine with it, he makes friends with some passing neebray, and then? And then. He starts to break into song.

Music backs him up, and we're prepared for a serious Broadway banger that would make "A Little Priest" sound like it was written on the back of a moldy cardboard box. Unfortunately, the song is interrupted because AP-5 gets rescued.

At the beginning of this stretch of episodes, we're all questioning the ethics of rebel extremist Saw Gerrera. We then witness the emotional masterpiece that is "Trials of the Darksaber." Mon Mothma puts the Rebel Alliance together for the first time, and Agent Kallus continues to put his life on the line. After all of that, we have this droid song... and from our point of view, all of it works.

How does a franchise manage a stretch like this? How does any animated show manage it? We don't know, but our heroes over on Jabba the Pod are gonna try and figure it out. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt get into the ethics, the Klik Klaks, and the benefits of droid musicals. This is why we love Star Wars — one minute you're asking this, and the next minute a droid is singing that. Karabast, we're in awe.

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