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Behold the massive, Batcave-caliber Arrow bunker they never had the budget to build

By Trent Moore
Arrow Bunker

The CW’s Arrow might be over, but that doesn’t mean the OG superhero show doesn’t have a few more secrets to share. The latest? The three-story, dream version of the Arrowcave they never had the budget to actually build.

Producer Marc Guggenheim has pulled out a 3D scale model of the three-story Arrow bunker we never got a chance to see on screen. It’s… pretty darn impressive. It still has the usual control center at the center of the bottom level, and a bigger garage area, but then a whole lot more stuff above it, including a catwalk that could’ve made for some very epic shots if it had ever actually existed. The video walk through seemingly came from a production meeting.

Much like the Batcave was a key location in Batman lore, the Arrowcave was the Emerald Archer’s equivalent, hidden sneakily underground in Star City (the exact location changed a few times, as the bunker was often blown up and discovered from year-to-year) and featuring all his superhero gear and tech workshop. It also went through plenty of changes and renovations throughout the years, starting out a bit more low-tech and evolving into something Batman himself would’ve been proud to see.

Of course, that was all constrained by The CW’s low-to-mid budget for its shows, but still, it did a whole lot with a little along the way. Regardless, it’s a shame we never got to see this epic, three-story Arrow Bunker for the ages brought to life.

All eight seasons of Arrow are streaming now on Netflix, in case you’re looking for a walk down Arrow Bunker Memory Lane.