Behold the massive, Batcave-caliber Arrow bunker they never had the budget to build

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Behold the massive, Batcave-caliber Arrow bunker they never had the budget to build

Arrow Bunker

The CW’s Arrow might be over, but that doesn’t mean the OG superhero show doesn’t have a few more secrets to share. The latest? The three-story, dream version of the Arrowcave they never had the budget to actually build.

Producer Marc Guggenheim has pulled out a 3D scale model of the three-story Arrow bunker we never got a chance to see on screen. It’s… pretty darn impressive. It still has the usual control center at the center of the bottom level, and a bigger garage area, but then a whole lot more stuff above it, including a catwalk that could’ve made for some very epic shots if it had ever actually existed. The video walk through seemingly came from a production meeting.

Much like the Batcave was a key location in Batman lore, the Arrowcave was the Emerald Archer’s equivalent, hidden sneakily underground in Star City (the exact location changed a few times, as the bunker was often blown up and discovered from year-to-year) and featuring all his superhero gear and tech workshop. It also went through plenty of changes and renovations throughout the years, starting out a bit more low-tech and evolving into something Batman himself would’ve been proud to see.

Of course, that was all constrained by The CW’s low-to-mid budget for its shows, but still, it did a whole lot with a little along the way. Regardless, it’s a shame we never got to see this epic, three-story Arrow Bunker for the ages brought to life.

All eight seasons of Arrow are streaming now on Netflix, in case you’re looking for a walk down Arrow Bunker Memory Lane.

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