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SYFY WIRE Bill & Ted Face the Music

Comic prequel 'Bill & Ted Are Doomed' aims to fill in the gaps before they 'Face the Music'

By Jacob Oller
Bill & Ted Are Doomed comic cover 1

Time-travel buddies Bill & Ted are on their way back to the big screen with Bill & Ted Face the Music, which sees series stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunite as the Wyld Stallyns after almost three decades. But fans who've spent the in-between years watching and rewatching the pair's other hilariously time-displaced films might be wondering what all went down before the two hit the wall of writer's block when composing the song that was supposed to save reality. Thankfully, a new Dark Horse comic book aims to answer those questions by acting as the film's official prequel.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed, from longtime Bill & Ted comic scribe Evan Dorkin and The Muppet Show artist Roger Langridge, sets fans right after the pair's Bogus Journey. They're obsessed with writing that one perfect song, which has led to strained relationships with their fans, families, and music. So what do they do before deciding to steal the song from their future selves (which will be covered in Face the Music)? A world tour, of course. Nothing like shooting for the stars to get out of a slump.

Here's one of the covers, featuring (among others) their old pal Death ... and some Bill & Ted robots:

Bill & Ted Are Doomed comic cover 2

Bill & Ted Face the Music opens on Aug. 14, while this comic hits stores on Sept. 9.