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Black Lightning arrives, Pariah revealed in new pics for The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

By Trent Moore
Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 Batwoman Supergirl 2

The CW continues to roll out new pics from its epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, and the latest shots from Part 3 reveal Pariah, Black Lightning, and a couple of Supermen to help face down the apocalypse alongside the usual players.

The pics come from what is technically an episode of The Flash, the third part of the five-part event, and show off a ton of Super-characters gather to take on the collapse of the multiverse. The biggest new additions are Pariah (played by Flash alum Tom Cavanagh) and Black Lightning, who look to be joining up with Teams Flash/Arrow/Legends/Batwoman/Supergirl for the looming battle. Supergirl’s version of Lex Luthor is also featured, with Batwoman apparently not too happy to see him.

The pics also show Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come version of Superman sharing the screen with Supergirl’s take on the Man of Steel, along with Flash and several other heroes. Black Lightning also shares a scene or two with John Wesley Shipp’s older version of The Flash, and Cisco comes face to face with The Monitor. It’s also clear Elongated Man will be around for this event, along with a hooded Oliver Queen (and is he back on that island again?)

The event itself will feature a who's who of genre crossovers and cameos, from Smallville alums to nods back to that very short-lived Birds of Prey live action series from the early 2000s. Even Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy is along for the ride, bringing Bruce Wayne into live action.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths event kicks off December 8 on The CW.

Check out the gallery below and give us your best Crisis theories.