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WIRE Buzz: New Bob Dylan song references A Nightmare on Elm Street; 007 guns stolen; PS5

By Jacob Oller
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4

Self-isolation and quarantine is affecting everyone, even Bob Dylan. The legendary musician released his first track in eight years today, and the 17-minute opus “Murder Most Foul” has one surprising name-drop during its screed about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

No, really. One of the country’s most influential pop culture figures and a Nobel Prize winner popped in a reference to Freddy Krueger. Even if it was recorded “a while back,” it’s still a surprise that Dylan has time for horror movies.

Listen for yourself:

“Up in the red light district, they've got cop on the beat /
Living in a nightmare on Elm Street”

JFK was shot on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, which Wes Craven said was where the title of the beloved franchise came from: “To me, it was where the innocent world ended.” Did Bob Dylan accidentally stumble upon the connection? Or is he a secret gorehound? The world may never know.

Next, as No Time To Die bides its time waiting for the theaters of the world to open back up for its delayed November release, the world of James Bond has suffered another blow. Five classic guns used on screen in the secret agent films were stolen on Monday night in a plot fit for 007 himself.

The BBC reports that the London robbers absconded with a Walther PPK handgun from A View to a Kill, a Beretta Cheetah pistol, a Beretta Tomcat pistol, a Llama .22 calibre handgun from Die Another Day, and a Revolver Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum from Live and Let Die.

“The firearms stolen are very distinctive and bespoke to particular James Bond movies,” said Detective Inspector Paul Ridley. “They will almost certainly be recognised by the public and to anyone offered them for sale. Many of these items are irreplaceable."

"The Magnum is the only one in the world ever made in which the whole gun is finished in chrome. It has a six-and-a-half inch barrel and wood grips,” Ridley continued. "The Walther PPK was the last gun used by Roger Moore in A View to a Kill."

The value of these burgled guns has been estimated at £100K.

Finally, the coronavirus pandemic’s impact has shaken most of the entertainment world to its core. Even in the world of video games, those behind next-gen consoles like Sony needed to cancel explanatory events or refit them into digital press conferences in order to safely give out information about what’s coming next. But, according to the company behind the PlayStation 5, the coronavirus will not hinder the launch of the console.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Sony said that although the pandemic is certainly affecting the company’s business and profits, it does not think there will be any notable impact on the PS5 launch scheduled for the end of 2020. That will keep the company abreast of Microsoft and its upcoming Xbox Series X, also scheduled for the end of the year.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Sony hasn’t been impacted. The company announced plans to slow download traffic in Europe and the U.S. to manage an increased simultaneous user base. Basically, if everyone’s stuck at home trying to game, download stress increases and must be mitigated so that the service stays available for all users.

These measures begin affecting the U.S. today.