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Box office: Endgame assembles $2.2 billion globally, could overtake Avatar soon

By Josh Weiss
Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame continued its box office domination this week by amassing $2.2 billion worldwide by its second weekend, the shortest time span for any movie ever to reach that goal. It is now the second-biggest box office contender of all time after James Cameron's Avatar (2009).

Only four other films in the history of cinema have made $2 billion or more: Avatar ($2.78 billion), Titanic ($2.18 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.06 million), and Avengers: Infinity War ($2.04 billion). 

As we've said already, the follow-up to last April's Avengers: Infinity War will most likely overtake the first Avatar film as the highest-grossing film of all time. Cameron's first foray onto the planet of Pandora accrued $2.78 billion when it opened in theaters nearly a decade ago; however, it took nearly 50 days to reach $2 billion. If Endgame continues on its current course, it won't be beat (financially-speaking) by another project for a long, long time.

Avengers Endgame

At home, Avengers: Endgame has already surpassed $620 million, currently the ninth highest-grossing domestic title of all time. Overseas, the film's already raked in $1.56 billion with $575 million of that figure coming from sales in China.

Debuting last weekend, Endgame snapped all expectations (and box office records) out of existence by raking in $1.22 billion internationally, the first movie to ever break $1 billion in its first few days. $357.1 million of that figure came from domestic sites while $562 million came from foreign markets.

Avengers Endgame

Helmed by Joe and Anthony Russo (Winter Soldier, Civil War), the feature centers on a plan to reverse Thanos' decimation of half of all life in the universe. The screenplay was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, both of whom shed a lot more light on the plot and story decisions last week. Paying homage to the last 10 years of Marvel movies and saying goodbye to a few beloved heroes, Endgame is a fitting swan song for what Kevin Feige describes as the "Infinity Saga." Once Spider-Man: Far From Home debuts in early July, we'll be on to uncharted territory, Phase 4!

“We poured our heart and soul into Avengers: Endgame, hoping to tell a story that would inspire audiences around the world," the siblings said last weekend. "Our family of cast and crew felt honored to be entrusted with bringing the Infinity Saga to a close. To Kevin Feige, everyone at Disney and Marvel, and the incredible, global community of fans – thank you."

Elsewhere, STX Entertainment's UglyDolls adaptation took in just $8.5 million from domestic 2,652 theaters. This isn't a swell opening for a project that cost an estimated $45 million to produce. 

Based on the toy line of the same name, the animated musical (most likely inspired by DreamWorks' Trolls) follows a group of "deformed"—at least that's how society views them—toys just wanting to find a loving human owner. Featuring the voices of Kelly Clarkson, Pitbull, Nick Jonas, Wanda Sykes, Blake Shelton, and more, the film explores themes like beauty, vanity, acceptance, endurance, and pride.

UglyDolls was helmed by Kelly Asbury, director of Smurfs: The Lost Village and a veteran of Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks.

UglyDolls character poster Moxy

(via Variety & Forbes)