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Does anybody on The Boys stand a chance against Homelander in a fight?

By James Grebey
Homelander The Boys

The odds are already against Billy Butcher and the rest of his Boys. With one exception, they don’t have any superpowers, and they’re going up against the world’s mightiest corporation and some of the strongest, most dangerous "heroes" alive. But, even among all the super-strong, super-fast, and otherwise deadly superheroes in Vought’s control, Homelander is the ultimate threat. A flag-wrapped Superman pastiche who happens to be an utter psychopath, Homelander looks to be the greatest threat in the upcoming second season of Amazon’s The Boys. Even other superheroes are afraid of him, so you have to wonder: Does anybody stand a chance in a fight against Homelander?

In DC Comics, for instance, Superman is traditionally thought of as being more powerful than Wonder Woman, even if it’s a nominal difference, but it’s a very fair fight when they do come to blows. On The Boys, it’s pretty clear that Homelander doesn’t view Queen Maeve, the Amazonian’s equivalent on the show, as a threat at all. 

**SPOILER WARNING: This story contains mild spoilers for The Boys Season 2.**

“Every show needs its apex predator,” Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, tells SYFY WIRE during the Season 2 junket. (Starr adds that he thinks Homelander would beat Superman in a fight, if only because Homelander would start killing hostages so that Clark Kent would “feel obligated to save them and lower his guard at some point.”)

But how about Homelander’s fellow heroes on The Boys? Could anybody give him a fair fight?

“I don't think anyone could, no,” Chace Crawford, who plays the Aquaman-like hero The Deep, says. “I think that's an interesting dynamic with Homelander... When he's in the room, he sort of uses that as a threat at all times, that he could, obviously, snap your neck — and we see what he did with Madeline Stillwell. He's always kinda got that screw loose.”

“The unpredictable side of him makes him almost unstoppable,” adds Jessie T. Usher, the actor behind A-Train, a speedster like The Flash.

“Homelander is very powerful, very, very powerful,” says Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko, the only superpowered (and only female) member of the Boys. “I'm not sure if Kimiko can take him down on her own, although she's got a whole lot of wrath and revenge on her mind. So, I wouldn't be surprised if she can claw him out in the upcoming seasons.”

Stormfront The Boys Season 2

The new addition to The Boys' sophomore season might be Homelander’s only competition. Stormfront, a vaguely Thor-like hero with lightning powers in addition to flight and superstrength, joins The Seven in Season 2 and there’s instantly some conflict between her and Homelander. But, as you might guess given her name, it’s not as though Stormfront besting Homelander would necessarily be a “win” for the common people. 

“I think the secret's out: Stormfront is a bad guy. She is a villain,” actress Aya Cash says. “She comes into The Seven and comes straight after Homelander and his position in The Seven. And I think she rivals him in both strength and in diabolical-ness.” 

“She is very powerful,” Usher says of Stormfront. “I will say that she's powerful and she definitely presents a challenge for [Homelander], on multiple levels. And that's just something that we're going to have to wait and see how that plays out. But you know, he's still a god amongst men.”

“Characters like Stormfront come in and really challenge him,” Starr teases before emphasizing that Homelander is “definitely the bad guy [of] the show.” 

As for Butcher and the Boys? Homelander’s not too concerned about mere mortals without any superpowers courtesy of Vought’s shadowy Compound V.

“Maybe — maybe — Butcher could throw a punch,” Starr concedes. 

The Boys Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime on Sept. 4.