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SYFY WIRE The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

WIRE Buzz: Brian Michael Bendis still writing Project 143, new Harry Potter attraction arrives, more

By Jacob Oller
Dark Arts Harry Potter Universal Studios

Today’s buzz involves magic, robots, and mutants — and also legal issues, indie darlings, and theme parks. All sides of the genre business are covered, but let’s start with comic books and superheroes.

Comics heavy-hitter Brian Michael Bendis has recently been back and forth between Marvel and DC, working on prestigious properties on both sides of the superhero divide. Now, after confirming earlier this month that he’s been involved with a secretive X-Men movie known as Project 143, Bendis said that he’s still working on the Tim Miller-produced project — even though Fox-developed Marvel films are allegedly on hold amid the ongoing Disney-Fox merger.

Bendis recently spoke with about the project, saying, “I'm literally working on it today. I know there's confusion and guesswork about what's going on with Fox and Disney but I have no information about that."

He added: “I do not know what is going on with anything other than that I have been contracted to do something I'm very excited to do with someone I really, really like as a creator. I think Tim [Miller] is one of the best ever and I'm having a really good time doing it, so we'll see what happens."

Does that mean this work could be undone once Disney finally has its mitts on the X-Men after the merger is complete? Or does it mean that the company has already been making creative suggestions? The latter scenario is a big deal since Fox has to remain as if it weren’t being sold until the deal is stone-cold final.

The film is rumored to be a movie centering on Kitty Pryde, since Chris Claremont's 1981 book Uncanny X-Men #143 focuses on the matter-phasing character fighting the demonic N'garai solo at the X-Mansion. How’s that for some comic nerd detective work?

Next up, we’re going to Hogwarts. According to an official announcement, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort are getting a new, darker side of magic at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter thanks to a new light show.

Featuring Dementors, Death Eaters, Aragog, Mountain Trolls, Thestrals, and even Lord Voldemort himself, Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is a nighttime projection coming this spring that will use lights and music to haunt the magical world with evil — until a Patronus comes to save the day, of course.

While the lights will be entertaining, the music — based on the melodies of John Williams, who scored the saga's the first three films — should leave plenty of impact when Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle hits The Wizarding World of Harry Potter from April 13 – 28 and May 25 – 27 at Universal Studios Hollywood. The light show will hit Universal Orlando Resort later this year.

Next, indie director and academic Kogonada has landed Colin Farrell to star in his new film. According to The Hollywood ReporterAfter Yang will adapt the Alexander Weinstein short story "Saying Goodbye to Yang" — a tale of a human father and daughter trying to save a robotic family member. The movie, which follows up Kogonada's Columbus, is set at A24.

Finally, the YouTube Premium show Sherwood has announced its full cast. The animated, cyberpunk-esque take on the story of Robin Hood will feature the voices of Tyler Posey, Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Chung, Aneurin Barnard, Neneh Conteh, Rachel House, Ade M'Cormack, and Darrill Rosen, according to a release. The show, set in 2270, features all the rich/poor dynamic one might expect from an adaptation of the myth, but with a female hacker hero at its core.

Sherwood hits YouTube Premium on March 6.