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Holy shrinkage! Batman's Burt Ward says network prescribed pills to reduce his 'package'

By Jeff Spry
Ward 1

The legend of Batman actor Burt Ward's ample endowment continues to grow in the wake of a new interview the infamous Boy Wonder gave Page Six while attending last week's ceremony for his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, claiming the ABC Network urged him to take penis reduction pills to hide his sizable assets during the filming of Batman '66.

Censorship on '60s television shows was a very different animal than today, with characters often sleeping in separate beds, covering their exposed belly-buttons, and making networks nervous over an inter-racial kiss in space, not to mention restlessness over Robin's noticeable bulge as he galavanted about Gotham City with the Caped Crusader in tight-fitting green shorts.

Boy Wonder

According to Ward, apparently there was some divine intervention that caused the outrage in the form of the Catholic League of Decency complaining about his extranormal extremities. The consequences resulted in the network allegedly sending Ward to a physician and having him prescribed specific medication to "shrink" Ward up and nullify the nuances of that infamous appendage, but the experiment was short-lived.

“They thought that Robin had a very large bulge for television,” Ward no doubt explained with a grin to Page Six. “I took them for three days and then I decided that they can probably keep me from having children. I stopped doing that and I just used my cape to cover it.”

Batman ran three seasons on the ABC Network from 1966-1968, and Ward was a naive 21-year-old when the epic wave of pop-culture publicity began to sweep over the show and transformed it into a national sensation. More than likely, the unspecified meds offered a reduction of certain male hormones and would have certainly had some super side-effects.

My Life In Tights

“You must understand I never smoked, drank or did drugs so I never went to a bar in my entire life,” he added. “It’s not to say I didn’t go out and have a good time but I never went out and did what you think Hollywood (celebrities) do. I was a straight-A student at UCLA. In fact, the Dean at UCLA was upset with me when I left in my third year to do Robin because she said I should have been a nuclear physicist. I was in the top 3 percent in the United States in science and math.”

This is far from the first time that Ward has bragged about his God-given masculinity, and the uproar and issues resulting in attempts to rein it in have been well-documented in his 1995 autobiography, Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights, including the employment of dancer’s belts, jockstraps, thick jockey shorts, testicle supports, and padded underwear. 

What do you think of the Boy Wonder's shrinkage therapy and his eventual decision to obscure his censored gift via natural methods?

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