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Moff Gideon is toast! California bakery whips up life-sized Mandalorian bread sculptures

By Josh Weiss
Mandalorian bread sculpture

On a brisk fall day, nothing quite hits the spot like a hot bowl of Grinjer bone broth and a galactic bounty hunter made entirely out of carbs. In honor of a Halloween competition and the Season 2 premiere of The Mandalorian, One House Bakery in Benicia, California whipped up several bread sculptures inspired by the hit Star Wars TV show. Dubbed the "Pain Doughlorian," the manger-like scene outside the shop depicts a gluten-filled Din Djarin, Baby Yoda (or "Dough-da") and IG-88 (aka "Pandroid") made of kitchen utensils.

"It was our second year doing the Scarecrow Contest," bakery co-owner Hannalee Pervan says in a video provided to press. "Essentially, every business on First Street puts out their yearly display for Halloween."

Only Mando is fully made out of bread, while Baby Yoda marries a plastic toy with a doughy tunic. The entire process took a whopping three weeks to complete.

"We made something called 'dead dough' — it's a dough that doesn't have any yeast in it, so it ends up kind of feeling like Playdough," Pervan explains. Using a printed-out costume template, the crew "sheeted out the dough and made every piece of the armor out of dough," the baker continued. "Then you have to bake it for 16 hours until it gets rock hard. Then we shellacked it, so the birds wouldn't eat."

"We're so excited for Season 2 of The Mandalorian, it's quickly become one of our favorite shows. We hung a picture of Baby Yoda on our fridge at the bakery and whenever we were having a bad day or feeling stressed, we would look at it and it would make us smile and happy," Pervan exclusively tells SYFY WIRE. "We chose The Mandalorian as our sculpture theme this year because we hoped it would bring our customers joy as well. Benicia has been so supportive and encouraging since Day 1. People are constantly stopping by to take pictures and selfies with the characters. We even get babies dressed as Yoda, which is so amazing to see!"

Since the sculptures were shared online earlier this month, they have received over 70,000 upvotes on Reddit, as well as recognition from Live with Kelly and Ryan and Mandalorian cast member Gina Carano ("Cara Dune").

The first episode of Season 2 — "Chapter 9: The Marshal" — is now streaming on Disney+. The premiere finds the titular bounty hunter and Baby Yoda traveling to Tatooine in an effort to track down another Mandalorian. The duo gets more than they bargain for when they're asked to help kill a krayt dragon that's been terrorizing a local mining town and Tusken Raider settlement. 

Head to the media gallery below for a further look at the Pain Doughlorian and his bakery cohorts.