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Cartoon vs. Cartoon: Felix the Cat vs. The American Rabbit

By Dany Roth
American Rabbit

In the Sophie's Choice of bunny rabbits vs. kitty cats, which would you choose? Would it help narrow things down if you knew you were choosing between a super-powered American patriot bunny on roller skates and a cat with a magic handbag?

Wait! Come back! It's just the next episode of America's favorite podcast, Every Day Animation! And, boy oh boy, have we got a special episode for you today. 

You know how the '80s and '90s played host to a lot of animal-based animation? Ninja turtles, street sharks, biker mice, and cowboys who were both boys and literally cows were just a sampling of what kids were accustomed to during that era.

Today's guest, Todd Nathanson, who creates the Todd in the Shadows YouTube series could've chosen any of those cartoons. Instead he chose The Adventures of the American Rabbit and Felix the Cat: The Movie. Nathanson co-hosts a podcast with me called Song vs Song in which we compare two similar classic pop hits to decide which is better. I thought we could do the same, but with cartoons. "'Toon vs. 'Toon" I'd planned to call it.

But, no. Instead we watched The Adventures of the American Rabbit and Felix the Cat: The Movie and there were certainly no winners today. Not these cartoons and not we two podcasters. Sometimes, though, you find yourself trading in the hilariously bad and that's precisely what we did today. Enjoy!

If you want to prepare for tomorrow (and why wouldn't you), then that means digging into that classic House of Mouse cinematic vision, Disney's Pocahontas. Oh, yes. Host of Nella Explains a Thing and co-host of the Apocalist Book Club podcast, Antonella Inserra, boldly goes where she was always destined to go before: America? Disney's magical tree granny America! So watch Pocahontas, consider how it might inspire a child to become an archaeologist, and we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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