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WIRE Buzz: CBS All Access to become Paramount+; Greenland delayed; Mega City Smiths

By Jacob Oller

HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV+, Disney+, and now...Paramount+. The latest studio streaming name-change is introducing another brand looking to capitalize on its name recognition and back catalog of content — the only difference is this one used to exist: CBS All Access will turn into Paramount+ in a rebrand by the beginning of next year.

In addition, it'll have an international launch with an initial debut in Australia, Latin America, and the Nordics, according to its official blog. The announcement also accompanies five new shows coming to the service...though none are genre. From the home of Star Treks both Lower Decks and Discovery, fans are expecting some genre! Not a new Behind the Music! Ah well, that's Paramount+'s problem now.

And they've even got a little promo trailer for the rebrand:

More progamming announcements are soon to follow as everyone tries to remember which streaming service is which.

Next, the Gerard Butler disaster film Greenland (which is not about Greenland demolishing the world or anything, but being the destination of choice when meteors crash into the planet) has been delayed again.

Variety reports that the world-ending movie, which has already opened internationally, is picking its battles in the U.S. It'll bump from its current date of Sept. 25 to an indefinite release later this year. Maybe. The studio could also be wondering what the market is for audiences to brave theaters to see the world come to an end.

Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, Roger Dale Floyd, and David Denman join Butler in the Ric Roman Waugh-helmed film, which has now been delayed four times since its initial plans for a June 12 release.

Finally, two of TV's most idiosyncratic creators are teaming up for one of the most surreal series in memory. Patriot's Steve Conrad (the creator behind the semi-musical black comedy/spy show) and Robot Chicken's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios are making the stop-motion series Mega City Smiths for AMC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has given a six-episode series order to showrunner Conrad, for a show about stop-motion baby dolls playing adults trying to solve a mystery in Mega City. A magnate has gone missing and two detectives are on the case...and also, remember, everyone is a baby doll. Shades of The Happytime Murders, right?

"Mega City Smiths is a series about our basic desire to be loved and cared for by our mothers, fathers, our few real friends and the setting we call home," said Conrad. "We're very pleased to have found partners at AMC whose ambition is the same as ours, which is to try and contribute to our era’s collection of remarkable TV."

It's going to be very, very strange when Mega City Smiths heads to AMC in 2021.