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Trouble's brewing among the 'Charmed' witches as original cast continues feuding with reboot stars

By Jacob Oller
The CW Charmed

The original actresses behind Charmed have been taking exception with The CW's 2018 reboot since its first trailer introduced the updated take on the witchy sisters over two years ago. Two seasons later (with a third on the way) and there's still strife between the new and old cast of the franchise.

Speaking on Instagram Live, original stars Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan briefly discussed the reboot. The topic came up because the original Charmed has left Netflix, leading Combs to wonder if this was perhaps because "they want you to find the new Charmed and not the old people" when searching the streamer. This led McGowan to say that the new series, which is available on Netflix, "sucks."

“I haven’t seen it, I can’t say that. I’ve never seen it,” McGowan said. “I’m happy that people have jobs. But it can still suck.”

This didn't sit well with reboot star Sarah Jeffery, who quote-tweeted the video on her Twitter with some commentary of her own:

"You know, I saw this earlier and I refrained from saying anything. I thought, better to just let them shout into the abyss. But I do want to say, I find it sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way," the actress wrote. "I truly hope they find happiness elsewhere, and not in the form of putting down other WOC. I would be embarrassed to behave this way. Peace and love to y’all."

Capping the social media response, Jeffery posted a final GIF of The Wizard of Oz's Glinda raising the question of good and bad witches. This is just the latest case of the original Charmed cast voicing negative opinions towards the reboot, while the reboot continues finding success on The CW.

Charmed's third season plans to air in Jan. 2021.


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