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Chillblaine arrives, Frost goes rogue, & Barry’s speed is on the fritz in the latest Flash

By Trent Moore

We knew a new big bad was coming this season, and now he’s gotten his ice cold debut — say hello to Chillblaine, who looks to be a big part of Killer Frost’s story moving forward.

Spoilers ahead for “Growing Pains,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

After having her journey often play out as a “B” story in recent years, Caitlin and Killer Frost took center stage this week as Frost’s criminal history finally catches up with her. A special agent is on the prowl to bring Frost to justice for her past misdeeds, and a series of suspiciously well-timed anonymous tips lead her right to Caitlin’s door. Which, in the past, would’ve been case closed — but ever since Frost and Caitlin split up into two bodies, it makes this manhunt a lot more difficult.

Things get even more complicated when there’s an ice-related metahuman murder, which immediately puts Frost in the crosshairs. Turns out, she was framed, and Frost spends much of the episode chasing down leads to figure out who really shattered a security guard to steal a piece of tech. As many fans may have suspected, it’s our brand new (and ice-powered) big bad: Chillblaine. 

He gets a slow roll intro as the new bartender at one of Frost’s old haunts, and there’s definitely some… chemistry between these two, even when they’re fighting it out once all the cards are on the table. It turns out Chillblaine fell through a frozen lake as a child, which gave him an unhealthy obsession with ice and ice powers. So obviously, he became obsessed with Frost when she surfaced a few years ago, and he’s spent every day since studying her to try and figure out how to emulate her powers. Now, thanks to that stolen tech and a secret scan of Frost, he’s figured it out.

He’s clearly a solid match for Frost once powered up, though she takes him out with an ice stab because his meta-ish powers sadly don’t come with Frost’s handy ice-healing abilities, so he ends the episode seemingly headed to Iron Heights and in police custody. But considering he’s expected to return, don’t expect that lock-up to last.

As for Frost, she ends the episode turning herself in to finally atone for her past crimes. Here’s hoping all her recent heroics can help tip the scales and clear her name.

The Flash Chillblaine

Oh, and what about the guy who’s name is on the marquee? Yeah, he’s dealing with his own baggage this week. Barry’s speed is back in action, all thanks to the newly-revived Speed Force — who is still hanging around in the form of Barry’s late mother, Nora. Speed Force Nora is clearly worried about these new Sage, Still and Strength Forces out there in the world, and that’s manifesting in her basically turning into a helicopter mother-force around Barry. The even bigger problem is that her presence is also causing Barry’s powers to glitch, until he has a blow up concentration with Speed Force Nora.

Not surprisingly, his issues stem from lingering sadness about his mother, and figuring out a new normal in how to interact with the reborn Speed Force, and they seem to find a good balance by episode’s end. It’s a new Speed Force, a new world, and a lot of new Forces — everyone has to adjust, even Flash.

Up next: The Flash goes on a mini-hiatus until May 4, when the show will return with new episodes. What can we expect? It looks like Frost will be trying her best to stay out of prison, while Team Flash is still dealing with those mysterious new forces.