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Choices and consequences: The cast of The Man in the High Castle prepares for the end


After four seasons, The Man in the High Castle is ending its run on Amazon Prime. This adaptation of Philip K. Dick's classic novel presents a nightmarish vision of a world conquered by the Nazi Germany and Japan with the United States split up between them. However, hope hasn't been lost and pockets of resistance remain devoted to freedom.

Perhaps one of the most notable accomplishments of the show is the way that it dived into shades of gray. Joel de la Fuente's Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido is a prime example of that. As an instrument of the Japanese empire, Kido has done some horrific actions, but he also has a sense of humanity and regret. However, that doesn't mean he won't face the repercussions for his actions.

"I think that living in a world that we do in High Castle, everyone does have to answer for their actions at some point," said de la Fuente. "In Season 4, that time comes for Kido. You see him in his personal life a lot more, and you see how that affects how he has to relate in his professional life and then he has to make choices... The first half of the season really takes care of how he feels about the empire. Where he's been, where he goes. It's the end of a way of being that he's had for decades."

"I think Kido wants to be remembered as a man and as a father before anything else," added de la Fuente.

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