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Chosen One of the Day: April Fool's Day's Muffy, party queen

By Courtney Enlow

I think we can all agree as a society that April Fool's Day 2020 is CANCELED. But if you still need that quality pranxperience in your life, check out the 1986 horror/fever dream April Fool's Day and relish in the commitment to the bit of its heroine (kind of?) Muffy. Possibly Buffy. But then definitely Muffy. This movie has a lot going on.

Rich girl Muffy St. John throws a party for her cousin's college friends and within provides ALL THE PRANKS. Whoopee cushions! Joke champagne flutes! Heroin paraphenalia...wait what? Also an evil twin and all the severed heads money can buy. Also exploding cigars! Muffy has a really hard time finding a prank middle ground.

BUT THE ULTIMATE PRANK? None of this is real. The whole movie has been a prank that everyone was in on except two of them. It was a rehearsal for the whodunnit weekend place Muffy wants to turn her mansion into. She even hired a makeup and prop artist. Then everyone has a party and dances with the fake severed heads and it's a real champagne jam. Then another friend pretends to slit Muffy's throat BUT IT'S ALL FOR JOKES!

Anyway don't hang out with Muffy. It sounds like a nightmare. But dammit if I don't respect her commitment to April Damn Fool's Day.

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