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Chosen One Of The Day: Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos meme generator

By Jessica Toomer
Captain Marvel Talos Drinking Soda

Captain Marvel opened in theaters last month to some respectable box office numbers. And by respectable, we mean it’s earned over $200 million domestically and over $600 million internationally making it the biggest female-led film of all time.

Huh, it’s almost as if those trolls on Rotten Tomatoes were just screaming obscenities into the void and their threats had no real actionable power?

But we’re not here to harp on about incels and misogynists on the internet — they exist, they’re really upset guys, and they’re not worth anyone’s time. No, we’re here to talk about a man/alien lifeform that’s doing more for feminism and equality than any woke-bro ally you’ll meet on Bumble.

His name is Talos and ladies, he’s a goddamn meme.

Ben Mendelsohn — the man every superhero flick should contract to be their starring villain at this point — plays the Skrull leader in Carol Danvers’ origin story. With the help of prosthetics, he teeters from a very human-looking special agent to an extra-terrestrial warrior with a scrotum-like chin that rivals Thanos himself.

Okay, so Talos is not the kind of bad boy that can “get it.”

He is, however, a women’s rights activist and a sassy queen who knows the power of a good stare. A meme generator for the next batch of superhero fans.

Here he is sipping his totally '90s soda while revealing Carol’s mysterious origins, helping our young heroine to unleash her inner badass and fight her Kree oppressors.

For most of the film, we’re led to believe Talos is Carol’s true enemy, an invader who seeks to destroy her home planet. Carol is told this by a white man with pretty eyes so we should already know this is a lie. (Damn you, Jude Law!)

Over the course of the film, Talos proves he cares more for Carol’s plight, one they share, than her mentor. He patiently waits for her to get her sh*t together. He helps unlock her memories of the events surrounding her ascension to superhero status. He worries over the state of her best friend’s home should a firefight break out in the dining room.

Talos Is. An. Icon.

And Twitter is respecting his particular game.

Kermit, you better watch out. Those tea-sipping days may be over.