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Chosen One of the Day: Dev Patel in The Green Knight trailer

By Preeti Chhibber
Dev Patel the Green Knight hero

Whomst amongst us, thanks to "period-accurate" film and television, has not been inundated with the propaganda that people of color did not exist before 1955? We’re finally starting to shift and boy did that shift move a big, fat kilometer away with yesterday’s release of the trailer for The Green Knight

Dev Patel The Green Knight 1

Based on the poem we all read in high school English class — or maybe “read” in high school English class — Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, A24’s take on the classic seems to be more of the high horror fantasy than the ugh-what-about-my-GPA of it all. But FYI even better, the lead role of Sir Gawain himself is played by a wonderfully melaninized Dev Patel! A melaninized Gawain then proceeds to angst his way through a very, very scary trailer, culminating with him grasping a sword and staring up at the titular horrifying Green Knight. 

Dev Patel The Green Knight 2

He truly does it all in this very British costume drama trailer — sounds very grave, sits regally while his face lights on fire, looks on at a skeleton with terror in his eyes, listens as others direly speak to him of identity and legacy, also he has great hair

Dev Patel the Green Knight 4

I genuinely cannot wait to see this movie. Cheers, Dev Patel, I'll be the first in line to watch you fight that super scary Green Knight. Be our Valentine?

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