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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Father Stewart from VelociPastor

By Courtney Enlow

First of all, VelociPastor is art. That's all you truly need to know. It is art about a pastor who moves to China...


...where he gains the power to turn into a dinosaur, using this ability to fight crime. Like I said, art. 

But the real star of the film is Father Stewart (Daniel Steere), specifically during his Vietnam flashback wherein we learn the man has seen some sh*t.

Like his best friend killed in front of him.


And his lady love exploded in front of him.  


And definitely this wig from the Blink 182 music video collection.  


The hero of the tale may be our glorious dino-ninja-priest-boy, but Father Stewart and his flawless hair are the heroes we deserve.