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Chosen One of the Day: Harley Quinn’s bodega sandwich in Birds of Prey

By Preeti Chhibber
Harley Quinn sandwich happy Birds of Prey

I moved away from Brooklyn about a year ago after spending over a decade of my life in the borough. There’s a lot to miss about the city, but in my top five? My corner bodega’s breakfast sandwiches. I’m a sausage, egg and cheese gal, myself. So, when Harley Quinn’s epic misadventures in Birds of Prey kind of really start with her picking up a godsend of a sandwich (bacon, egg, and American cheese), I got it

Harley Quinn sandwich Birds of Prey

Slight sandwich-related spoilers for Birds of Prey ahead. 

The dude behind the counter sizzles the bacon, cracks the eggs, drops that cheese on top, folds all of it onto two toasted buns and wraps it in foil insulated with that parchment paper we all know and love to rip open. 

Harley Quinn sandwich Birds of Prey holding

I’ve never felt more seen than when, after being interrupted before she can take a bite, Harley shoves that sandwich into her shirt so she can eat that sh*t later in the way that it deserves: wholly and without reservation. 

And I’ve never been more heartbroken for Harley than her losing the sandwich in a truly awful slow-motion sequence when we’re put through the destruction of a perfect breakfast.

No wonder this movie was rated R. 

Harley Quinn sandwich sad

Anyway, thank you for the solid bodega-breakfast-sandwich-love representation, Birds of Prey! It matters.