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Chosen One of the Day: Kristoff's reindeer choir

By Courtney Enlow

As the mother of two young children, I've seen Frozen a. lot. And to be honest, I can only find one flaw in the film: they cast Broadway icon Jonathan Groff and refused to let him sing. Outside of one brief sweet sing-along with his reindeer Sven (with Kristoff doing both parts, of course — HIS RANGE!) Kristoff doesn't get to sing in the first film.

Clearly by the sequel they realized their horrible mistake and sought to course-correct. AND MY DID THEY EVER SUCCEED.

In Frozen II, everyone is going through some manner of identity crisis. Anna wonders who she is without Elsa, Elsa wonders who she is at all, Olaf has some serious existential ish going on, and Kristoff is just lost. Lost in the woods. And the whole thing is an epic '80s DELIGHT.

The thought process of "we didn't let him sing much in the first movie so we have no choice but to make him a choir of like 17 reindeer" is some perfect galaxy brain stuff that I have no choice but to celebrate, stan, love, adore, marry, have children with, and spend the rest of my existence with this CHOICE.  And if that weren't enough, Weezer recreated the whole thing shot-for-shot (including a Kristen Bell cameo) for their cover. IT IS ART.  

But nothing can top Jonathan Groff with a veritable murder of reindeer and NOTHING SHOULD. EVER. WE PEAKED. That's why no more movies are coming out this year, they know they can't top that. (Let me live in this for a moment, please.)  

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