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Chosen One of the Day: Lucy and Felix from Bird Box

By Courtney Enlow

So statistically speaking, you've seen Bird Box by now, what with how, according to official Netflix numbers, 400 billion people have seen it. Don't check that, just trust it. 

A portion of the film follows a motley crew of survivors, including John Malkovich's surly Douglas, Lil Rel Howery's adorable conspiracy theorist Charlie and, obvi, some birds who will be put into some manner of box. But two survivors stand out, mostly because they just kind of walked out of the movie. 

Lucy and Felix, a mismatched pair of a cop and a druggie douchebag played by Rosa Salazar and Machine Gun Kelly, turn probably four minutes of actual screentime together into a love story for our times. And by that I mean they hate each other, immediately start boning in the kitchen, getting walked in on by both Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes without feeling compelled to stop, then hug after a tragedy, then just nope themselves right out of the movie entirely. Like, they just go away. With zero birds and presumably no box. 

Director Susanne Bier indicated they likely had the plan to go to the grocery store and live out their days eating green beans out of a can or something. "I think [the grocery store] was their plan, but we don't know!" she told People. "I think that that's where they wanna go, but I actually think it's quite exciting that we don't know exactly where they went."

To this pair who'd rather bang and go find some Funyuns than stay in a house with John Malkovich, we salute you. 

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